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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve forgotten if you took your pill already and had an anxiety episode thinking the stroke might hit anytime.
  • Just the idea of checking your bp or going for a medical check gets you stressed out.
  • You have tried to improve, but so many people say one thing and others the opposite, and you’re just confused.
  • You Google for your medicine and find out this new side-effect you’re experiencing is in fact coming from it.

I know exactly how it feels. I was there too.

Back in September 2018, I was in Orlando, Florida, visiting my friend Daniel. Not feeling well, a quick medical check revealed my BP was at hypertensive levels. They admitted me to hospital.

Doctors said it was normal, and asked about my family history. Some of them had hypertension, and they concluded “it was genetic”. “Try not to drink, eat less salt, and take these pills forever”.

I spent two nights in the hospital reading everything about blood pressure.

On the medical websites, everything was about diuretics, beta-blockers, antagonists-this and inhibitors-that. Same result: widen our vessels temporarily, just treating the symptoms, not the cause.

On the “alternative medicine” side, much stuff without scientific evidence: naturopathy and homeopathic preparations. As an engineer myself, I wasn’t sold on it.

At this point, I started to think I was doomed to meds and live a life of misery.

Until I found something… I had another way to control my bp.

Up to 95% of people with high blood pressure can lower it and maintain it with diet changes alone, backed by  scientific studies & evidence.

I also learned one thing nobody else was telling me: doctors don’t receive any nutritional training during medical school. They know nothing about nutrition.

I decided to give it a try, and started changing my diet. I took out the processed things, and increased whole foods. Removed salt, oils and sugar, and replaced them with healthier versions of each.

My blood pressure readings started to improve within days. On week 6, the best happened: a 112/77 reading, which meant excellent blood pressure.

The next day, week, and month, it was still good. I had lowered my high blood pressure to healthy levels.

Later, I learned about something else preventing me from even better numbers: stress.

So it was about more than just what you eat. My next step was finding techniques to manage it, and I started meditating.

My blood pressure is even lower now, and I feel great.

Imagine how this would change your life…

You’re ready to experience relief from your high bp readings. You’re prepared to feel awesome and healthy again, and get rid of the stress around meds and side-effects that is spilling into your personal life and affecting your future.

  • Figuring out the right foods backed by science, so that you can focus on those only and stop wasting time on things that don’t work.
  • Understanding how to build a meal that’s good for you, and how to dine out without fear of a blood pressure spike.
  • Beginning to lower your bp and experience the impact in all areas of your life – from weight loss, to constant relaxation.
  • Learning your personal balanced formula so you don’t feel deprived and fail.
  • Building good habits so that you’re healing your body and remove any chances of raising your blood pressure ever again.
  • Resting assured that you will be there for your family and be around for your grandkids. 

You’ve tried every remedy that the internet recommended and the pills your doc prescribed. It’s time to take action for long-term benefit supported by science.




The program lasts 8 weeks and is packed full of extraordinary evidence-based content, like…


– Weekly live coaching calls for Q&A and hot-seat coaching.


– Weekly video modules that you can watch at your own pace on topics like:

  • Foods to eat & avoid for fastest results.

  • How to build a nutritious meal quick.

  • How to enjoy food without salt.

  • Shopping and labels.

  • Eating out & traveling.

  • How to keep your BP normal forever.

– Worksheets & printables to start taking action on what you’ve learned

  • Plant-based Burgers cheatsheet.

  • Sauces & dressings cheatsheet.

  • Curries cheatsheet.

  • Smoothies cheatsheet.

  • Soups cheatsheet.

  • Mexican classics cheatsheet.

  • Spices & seasonings.

  • Plant-based proteins.

  • Snacks & Desserts.

– HBP-friendly recipes & meal planning inspiration.


– My 30-days simple meal plan.


– Private support group where you can ask questions & get support in-between calls.



You’ll get free access to two upcoming online courses to complement everything you’ll be learning in the program:

  • Audio-courseMindfulness meditation to reduce stress”. The only technique backed by science.
  • Masterclass “How to improve your heart rate without exercising”. Evidence-based approach to a healthier resting heart rate.

I will also give you my list of recommendations:

  • Delicious ingredients from all over the world that you can buy on Amazon.
  • HBP-friendly supermarket products list.
  • My favorite kitchen appliances to make life easy.

Coaching that gets results

No risk warranty

Your numbers will be better between week 2 & week 8, or you will get free coaching.

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